Note: The reputations of various curanderos has changed over the years and the list below does not signify we recommend the practitioners. We list sites related to the book and urge travelers to research each lodge and curandero on their own merits, according to the community feedback from current sessions (check the forums at Many curanderos have negative reputations around money, sexual harrassment towards women and power itself, and the influx of tourism and the money it provides is a source of great change in Amazonian curanderismo, so use your discretion and own power of choice wisely:

Icaro Publishing

Soga De Alma

Percy Lozano


Guillermo Arevalo

Don Juan Tangoa de Paime

Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Tours

Javier Regueiro

Refugio Altiplano

The Yage Letters

General links:

Heaven Earth ayahuasca documentary (2008)

National Geographic Adventure magazine – March 06

Erowid ayahuasca vaults

Ayahuasca Foundation

Temple of the Way of Light Forums


Singing to the Plants

Takawasi Center

Bia Labate

Ayahuasca Trends