List of Most Haunted Colleges

Many colleges were built 200 or even 300 years ago. Monumental buildings made of stones and bricks instill fear in their very appearance. But many additional factors make such places truly mystical. Each college has its own ghost and paranormal history. Here is a list of the most haunted colleges.

Smith College

It is one of the most famous colleges in the United States and was built in 1871. Throughout college history, there have been several high-profile murders, epidemics, and other negative moments. All this left its shadow on the good reputation of the institution. Many students and teachers say that the college's corridors are ghosts of dead people and even talk to each other. You can often hear the story of how the watchmen hear children's crying or women's laughter at night in separate rooms. However, it is creepy enough.

Kenyon College

This is one of the most prestigious colleges founded in 1821. There are rumors that the ghosts of the brothers who died under the train live here. Locals have a hypothesis that a serial killer was operating here, and at night a suicide victim appears who wants to take careless students with him. It is worth noting that in 1949 there was a tragic death of 9 students who fell into the elevator shaft.
It's no wonder that the college is infamous for being one of the most mystical places. If you visit it at night, then your psyche is guaranteed to be permanently damaged. But if you still want to visit this educational institution, then you need to obtain permission. We also advise you to pay someone to do online homework for you. Then you can go to this college and not worry about your progress.

Gettysburg College

This college was in the midst of the American Civil War. The main campus was built back in 1832. There are confirmed facts that one of the largest battles near this educational institution took place where about 8000 people were killed and many thousands of missing persons. Students and teachers say that in the evening, you can see many ghosts and paranormal activities within the walls of the college.
Many students confess that they saw ghosts in dorms and other premises that are located near the college. It is rightfully one of the largest educational institutions that are massively attended by spirits. If you want to get on a tour, then you should ask yourself the question, "Who can to do my homework statistics for me?" After visiting this building, you will need some time to rest.

Flagler College

The university's main part was built in 1968 and did not have such a huge mythical history. Nevertheless, most of the campus was erected in 1888, and some buildings remember the Spanish conquistadors who have erected here the first barracks in 1565. It is said that in the walls of the campus and nearby buildings, you can see the spirits of Spanish soldiers with muskets and in metal armor. There is also some information that people saw an unknown ghost in a White wedding dress.
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